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Last Updated: Jul 11, 2013 01:49PM CEST

Testdroid Enterprise Overview

Testdroid Enterprise is an in-house server product, a private device cloud, for companies running their mobile application tests on multiple devices in their own test lab. Testdroid Enterprise can be part of continuous integration environment with test execution started automatically after every code check-in.
Testing is 30-50% of the total development efforts, representing the biggest cost driver in the application development. With Testdroid Enterprise you can automate most of that. Customers can execute functional, regression, performance and compatibility tests for every change in the mobile clients and/or in the back-end services to ensure the the possible user experience for their valued mobile customers.


Internal testing infrastructure for complex test cases

Testdroid Enterprise can be used to automate very complex test scenarios, for example testing payments, where first part of functionality happens on the mobile side, then some transactions are executed in the back-end and the rest of the test scenario is done on the mobile again.
If you have hundreds or even thousands of test cases, with Testdroid Enterprise you can split the test runs, and run for example test suite 1 (test cases 1-100) on one device and test suite 2 (test cases 101-300) on another device. This helps to improve turnaround times for bigger teams and achieve true continues integration.  

Manage every build step

Testdroid Enterprise allows users to add infinite number of build and test steps when configuring build & test process. For example you can install and start 3rd party applications to simulate conditions where user has many applications running simultaneously, or for example install and run your own profiling tools during test execution.

Plug and Play

Testdroid Enterprise support all Android devices straight from the store. There is no need to root the devices. You can run tests on devices from Android OS version 1.5 to the latest version without need for anything else than plugging in the device with USB cable.

Running Android Compatibility Test Suite

Testdroid Enterprise can also be part of the device development cycle. Users can automate the build, flash, run CTS test cycle. The test results are shown on easy to use web interface, and are available for everyone in the organization.

Running application compatibility tests

Running application compatibility tests automatically is emerging need for companies innovating in Android ecosystem. With Testdroid Enterprise you can automate test runs of the most popular Android app, for example TOP100 apps on your latest platform build to see if there are any compatibility or performance issues between your platform and the latest and greatest apps.

Running application compatibility tests for app stores

Testdroid Enterprise can be harnessed to execute smoke tests as well as malware scanning in application stores application submission process. Considering the huge number of applications entering the store fronts every day, application store owners can automate their QA process, and once again ensure higher customer experience by offering only validated apps.

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Please download the Testdroid Enterprise product leaflet here

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