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Basics about Testdroid

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2016 09:03AM CEST
What is Testdroid?
Testdroid is a suite of mobile app testing tools.
Testdroid Enterprise is an in-house test server for executing the tests in your own lab using your own devices. Testdroid Cloud is an online service, where we host thousands of different real Android and iOS devices to run your tests on. Our cloud service is scalable from single user to company wide service.
What problem is Testdroid solving?
Android is the leading smartphone and tablet computing platform running on over 450 million shipped devices, over 500 compatible devices, from 50+ Original Equipment Manufacturers, on hundreds of carrier networks and with over 500,000 applications in the Android Market. On the other hand Apple's app store has been more valuable to the developers. 
In order to give users an uncompromising user experience, testing the correct behavior of the applications on real devices has become very critical. Testing on various iOS versions, Android OS versions and device configurations of the very fragmented device market is challenging. Testdroid solves this problem by enabling application testing on real devices.  
How does Testdroid solve this problem?
Manual application testing is very error prone and tests are difficult to reproducible, not to mention very labor intensive. Automating application testing, mobile applications developers can catch regressions very early in development process ensuring that the application under development works on maximum amount of real iOS and Android devices.
Automated application testing stresses the application under test by simulating user interactions on the actual application and verifying the application's correct behaviour, state and control flow. Possible deviations from the expected behaviour signal possible errors in the application. All test execution results on various devices can be viewed on the Testdroid Enterprise, Testdroid Cloud or Testdroid Private Cloud by anyone in the organization at any time of the development cycle.
What are the technical components of the solution?
Testdroid solution consists of a web service available through a web browser or as a REST API.

Testdroid Enterprise allows the creation of company internal private device clouds. You pick the iOS and Android devices and connect them to your own Testdroid Cloud. Testdroid Enterprise is implemented as a Jenkins plugin and is best as part of your development CI to verify each application commit. 

Testdroid Cloud is a cloud-based service, where customers can execute their iOS and Android tests on real devices hosted by us. Every test run starts with a device reboot, making sure tests are executed on clean devices with no interfering processes running. After this customer's application and test package are installed onto the device and tests are executed.  During test execution screen shots can be taken to validate lay-out or translation issues easily. Users can also mock the gps location of the devices (Android), in case of location based apps as well as upload files to the SD card, for use of customer specific data during the testing.
How can I get the solution?
Testdroid differs from the variety of on-device Android application testing solutions currently available. Testdroid emphasizes integration, connecting automated testing tightly with continuous integration, providing a seamless connection from the developers’ IDE to the running and testing of the application on devices. Whole team can see the results of code changes on various OS versions and devices.
If you want to manage the on-device testing internally, you can license Testdroid Enterprise. To avoid having to maintain your own devices register to our Testdroid Cloud for free and start testing your app in minutes after registration.
For any further Testdroid Enterprise inquiries, please contact us at:

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