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Last Updated: Oct 19, 2016 03:31PM CEST
Welcome to Testdroid Cloud!
Testdroid Cloud provides practical, reliable, and easy-to-access platform for mobile app testing using real devices and enabling various test automation frameworks, manual testing capabilities and API access for specific testing needs.
Designed with the needs of app developers in mind, Testdroid Cloud provides all-in-one solution that is developed for immediate productivity, high-quality and accurate results, and cost-savings for its users. With Testdroid Cloud users – app developers and QA people – can consistently ensure that their mobile product works well across an array of real devices.
Testdroid Cloud strives to provide 100% up-time for all its hosted devices. Because of this all devices hosted at Testdroid Cloud are maintained and monitored 24 hours per business day, with 24/7 access to all Testdroid Cloud users.
Best Practices
To help your mobile app development and testing, Testdroid Cloud team has developed a set of best practices, with step-by-step instructions and extensive help portal to aid users get the best out of their development and testing effort. Testdroid Cloud practices are geared toward Agile development and testing needs, with focus on continuous integration and delivery.
Flexibility of Use
Testdroid Cloud is designed to be very flexible for its users, as well as providing test automation framework independence. With any test automation framework, users can get access to devices through API or manually, and are able to test many aspects of the application. For debugging purposes and further analysis, detailed information about test runs, with logcats, screenshots and performance metrics are delivered.

The Main Menu

The main menu at Testdroid Cloud provides its users a quick way to navigate through Testdroid Cloud and access the main features of it. Currently, the following items are available on menu:

Dashboard links back the landing page where summary of projects, test runs as well as update of recent changes in Testdroid Cloud will be shown.
Projects links to project management view where all user’s projects can be managed.
Reports links to reports view where users can create reports of projects and test runs.
Device Groups links to devices view where users can create their own device groups.
Interactive opens Testdroid Cloud’s Interactive feature wherein user can manually access any Testdroid Cloud device.

Test Success Summary 

The Test success summary view shows the 5 recent projects with all done test runs with the success ratios. In this view, users can see a glance of their test run success as percentages and use the view as an instant link to the test runs. By clicking the specific test run chart user will be redirected to the test run view.


Overall Success

The Overall success view presents the success of projects combining all test runs in the context of time.  The execution date is shown on X axis and success ratio on Y axis. 

Users can filter out certain projects by clicking the project name below the chart. The chart will automatically scale accordingly showing the execution dates and success ratio of remaining projects.

New devices 

The New devices view shows the latest devices added in Testdroid Cloud device selection. By clicking any of devices shown in this view, user will be instantly directed to the Device group creation view.

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